Raj Sangani

MS [email protected] Davis


Davis, California 95616

Hello! I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science at UC Davis. My research interests involve Deep Learning focused on Natural Language Processing and Human-Computer Interaction.

Currently, I am interested in Question-Answering Systems, Fair Text Summarizers and observing Voice-AI agents. I blog for Towards Data Science, talking about NLP, Math and Machine Learning. Feel free to check out my Blog section.

I also am a huge football fan and almost never miss a Manchester United Game.


Jan 20, 2023 Started working on building a conversational agent under the guidance of Professor Kenji Sagae as a Graduate Student Researcher at UCSF.
Oct 24, 2022 “Large-Scale Knowledge Synthesis and Complex Information Retrieval from Biomedical Documents” has been accepted to 2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data Industry and Government Program, Osaka, Japan
Sep 30, 2022 Joined the UCD Phonetics Lab at UC Davis focusing on applying Deep Learning to voice-AI agents and HCI
Sep 21, 2022 Joined the PMLab at UC Davis focusing on research in NLP and Deep Learning

Selected Publications

  1. IEEE Xplore
    Comparing Deep Sentiment Models using Quantified Local Explanations
    Raj Bharat Sangani, Apratim Shukla, and Radhika B. Selvamani
    Nov 2021
  2. IEEE
    Large-Scale Knowledge Synthesis and Complex Information Retrieval from Biomedical Documents
    Shreya Saxena, Raj Sangani, Siva Prasad, and 4 more authors
    Dec 2022